Sunday, 16 October 2011

Celebrities With the Priciest Body parts

Celebrities make a lot of money so they can afford to insure everything they have, including their body parts. Imagine what it would be like to insure your pinky on a couple of million dollars.


Ornella Muti, actress

$350,000 Breasts

Jimmy Durante, actor

$442,000 Nose

Ben Turpin, comedian

$500,000 Eyes ($25K in 1910s)


Rihanna, singer

$1 Million Legs

Heidi Klum, model

$2.2 Million Legs

Dolly Parton, singer

$3.8 Million Breasts ($600K in 1970s)

Ken Dodd, comedian

$10.6 Million Teeth ($6.2M in 1989)

David Beckham, soccer player

$70 Million Legs

Jennifer Lopez, singer

$300 Million Buttocks

Mariah Carey, singer

$1 Billion Legs

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